Airbnb Profile: How to Make It Stand Out

airbnb profile

By The Hospitable Team

A complete Airbnb profile is a great way to share information about yourself and help the Airbnb community to know you better. While stunning property photos and a well-written Airbnb listing description can make a good impression on potential guests, your Airbnb profile can also be an excellent way to encourage them to book.

Find out how to create the perfect Airbnb host profile and optimize it to get more bookings.

Airbnb Profile: Why Should You Complete It?

Visitors naturally want to know as much as possible about you as a host before they book a stay. They just want to get to know you personally to be sure they can trust you.

That’s why you should provide enough details to let guests know you’re a real person and show that you are a professional host who is serious about your Airbnb business. A great Airbnb profile will help you:

  • Make a positive first impression,
  • Attract your preferred target audience,
  • Prove that your listing isn’t a scam,
  • Set yourself apart from the competitors.

As you see, an Airbnb host profile may matter more than you may think. Although it’s not the most important part of your Airbnb listing, creating it is an essential step in establishing connections and making people feel like they know and trust you. Completing your profile can help travelers decide whether your property is a good fit for their trip and attract more bookings, so it’s definitely worth your time. 

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What Information Is Shown on Your Airbnb Host Profile?

People can reach your host profile by tapping on your profile picture on your listing page. By default, Airbnb includes the following essential information in the host’s profile:

  • First name
  • Year you joined Airbnb
  • Years being an Airbnb host
  • Average star rating
  • Whether your account information has been confirmed, like your identity, email, or phone number
  • Reviews by guests
  • Reviews you have left as a host
  • Whether you’re a Host Advisory Board member
  • Whether you’re an supporter
  • Whether you’re an Airbnb Superhost

Other information you can add to your Airbnb profile (like your interests or languages you speak) is optional. This means that it’s up to you to decide which information and how much information to include. You can choose what details to share; if you hide any fields, they won’t appear on your profile.

According to Airbnb, strong user profiles should include:

  • Multiple verifications like identity and email in your confirmed information section
  • At least 50 words about you, for example, why you joined Airbnb or any other details that you think others would like to know
  • A good profile photo that shows your face so other people can recognize you

Choose an Appropriate Airbnb Profile Photo

All hosts are required to have a profile photo. You should select the most appropriate picture that clearly shows your face and genuine smile. Treat your Airbnb profile photo as if you were applying for a job. You need to look welcoming and approachable yet professional, so avoid inappropriate outfits—choose business casual.

Add Your Airbnb Bio

It’s your chance to sell yourself as a host, so write a detailed Airbnb bio description to explain who you are and what you offer. Help Airbnb users get to know you as a person and form an emotional connection with you so they will want to stay at your place.

Write in a friendly and conversational tone that will resonate with your guests, and don’t be afraid to get creative. Show your potential guests that you’re a human and share your story. You may tell your guests about

  • Where you grew up
  • How long you’ve lived in the area
  • Your occupation
  • Your hobbies and passions
  • Your favorite places to travel to
  • What you love about Airbnb hosting
  • Languages that you speak
  • Your favorite books, movies, or sports
  • Your hosting style

Airbnb Bio Example

Take a look at this Airbnb bio example for some inspiration.

Hi there. I’m Stephanie, and I’m thrilled to welcome guests from around the world. I grew up in Austin but have been living here in Miami, Florida, for the last seven years, and I love to call it home. I’m an artist, and I like street art, vintage furniture, nature, gardening, and all kinds of music.

I love to travel the world and experience new cultures. Some of my favorite destinations are Italy, Japan, and Chile. I enjoy connecting with new people and love hosting. I’ll do my best to make your stay wonderfully memorable.

Get Verified

Airbnb requires listing hosts and new co-hosts to be verified because it helps ensure safety on the platform and adds extra credibility and trust to your listing. During the Airbnb identity verification process, you’ll be asked to provide your Government ID, email address, and phone number.

After you send the required information to Airbnb, the identity verification badge will be displayed on your public profile. You can also connect your social media accounts on Facebook, X (Twitter), or LinkedIn.

Get Positive Reviews

Reviews written by your previous guests are the most important thing on your profile. When you’re just starting your Airbnb business, getting reviews may be challenging. You should do your best to provide an amazing guest experience, have an impeccably clean property, and not be shy to ask guests to leave reviews after they check out.

As a host, you should make the first move and review your guests, and then Airbnb will send them a reminder to review their stay at your vacation rental. You can also send your guests a check-out message to thank them for choosing your listing and ask them to leave a review.

If you opt for Hospitable, our tool will help you get more 5-star reviews on Airbnb with the personalized review templates and automatic review request. Moreover, we’ll also protect your Airbnb host profile from negative reviews.

Automate reviews management

We will follow up with your guest until they leave a review, publish yours, and engage in a special protocol to minimize damage from a bad review.

Keep Your Response Rate High

Your Airbnb message response rate and average response time will appear on your profile, so you should always respond to any guest inquiries to ensure that these numbers look good. Potential guests won’t be impressed if they see your low response rate or if you take a long time to answer.

Responding to all guest messages quickly is challenging, but it’s much easier if you use tools like Hospitable. It will allow you to automate communication with your guests and ensure they can get quick answers to their questions even if you’re physically unavailable to reply.

Final Thought

Take time to complete your Airbnb profile because it’s a powerful tool for demonstrating credibility as a host and building trust with potential guests. A meaningful profile that shows you as a human will help you create a personal connection with potential guests so they’ll want to book your property.

You may also want to check out our blog post to discover Airbnb hacks that will make the hosting process easier and ensure your guests have a memorable experience.

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