Airbnb Pet Fee: Everything You Need to Know

Airbnb pet fee

By The Hospitable Team

Today, many people love to travel with their pets—they’re a part of the family. That’s why they look for pet-friendly places to stay during their trips. Pet-friendly accommodations are in high demand, so if you don’t allow pets in your STR property, you’re losing out on a large number of guests.

Of course, hosting pets isn’t always possible, but if you’re open to it, you’re likely to attract more travelers and increase your bookings. And if you list your home on Airbnb and choose to make your rental pet-friendly, you can add a pet fee to your nightly price.

In this blog, we’ll talk about how the Airbnb pet fee works and give tips on making your space attractive to pet owners.

Airbnb Pet Fee: How It Works

You can use the pet fee to cover the additional cleaning you’d expect to do after hosting four-legged guests, for example, vacuuming fur off the furniture and cleaning dirty paw prints off the floors.

Cleaning after pets is rather time-consuming, so it’s best to delegate this task to professional cleaners to ensure your property is guest-perfect after each turnover. To save even more time, you can opt for vacation rental software like Hospitable and automatically assign tasks to your team based on booking information.

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Airbnb allows you to add a pet fee as part of your price settings, and it will be spread out equally throughout a guest’s stay. The pet fee will be shown as part of the nightly rate in search results and the total price at checkout. You can also charge a flat fee that covers multiple pets, but remember that your Airbnb pet fee can’t be more than your nightly base rate.

Airbnb states that the pet fee should only be used to cover the cost of the expected cleaning you’d do after hosting guests with pets. As to unexpected damages, you have AirCover for Hosts, which offers $3 million in damage protection.

Remember that service animals always stay at Airbnb properties for free since they are not considered pets. If a service animal damages your vacation rental property, you can request payment under AirCover through the Airbnb Resolution Center. But you can charge fees for emotional support animals unless local regulations require them to be treated as service animals.

You may want to check out our article, where we look at the Airbnb ESA policy and learn more about hosting emotional support animals and service animals. 

Airbnb Pet Fee: How Much Should You Charge?

You can set the pet fee amount to whatever you feel is fair and reasonable to cover the added expenses. Many short STR hosts charge between $10 and $50 a night, depending on such factors as

  • Pet’s breed—hypoallergenic animals don’t shed fur, which means less cleaning time.
  • Size—smaller animals are less likely to cause damage to your property and belongings.
  • Age—younger animals are more prone to cause accidental damage than older ones.

When setting a pet fee for your listing, you should research local market rates for pet fees to find out what other Airbnb hosts in your area charge. That will help you set a reasonable competitive fee and align with the market.

You may also negotiate the pet fee with your guests and offer discounts for well-behaved pets. This is a win-win for you and guests with pets with a good track record.

How to Make Your Airbnb Pet-Friendly

If you decide to allow pets in your rental space, it may be helpful to stock some supplies. Your rental inventory checklist should include

  • Bowls for food and water
  • Pet toys
  • Pet-friendly covers to protect furniture
  • Plenty of designated towels to wipe off paws at the door
  • Pet bed or cage
  • Scratching post and litter box
  • Extra cleaning supplies

You must also update your listing details to set clear expectations for pet owners. Include all pet-friendly features and amenities in your property description, for example, a fenced-in yard or a private patio.

An essential step is updating your house rules to tell guests how many pets you allow per stay, from one to five. You should also clarify what types of pets you accept, whether it’s OK to leave a pet unattended in your space, where a pet isn’t allowed on your property. Explain when a pet needs to be leashed and where to dispose of pet waste properly.

Make sure you clearly communicate your house rules in Airbnb messages to prevent misunderstandings and neighbor complaints. If guests have questions or concerns, respond promptly to ensure that they get the necessary information at the right time.

Establishing effective communication with guests will be easier if you use vacation rental software like Hospitable, which will allow you to set rules and create an automated message flow for each guest. Moreover, Hospitable can automate 90% of your routine operations and put your business on autopilot.

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A good idea is to update your house manual—you can include recommendations for local dog parks, pet stores, and veterinarians. You may consider suggesting pet walking services and recommend a local doggy daycare.

Final Thought

Allowing pets in your Airbnb can help you attract a wider range of guests and increase your rental income. Just be clear and specific about your Airbnb pet fee and any associated policies in your listing description to give your potential guests all the information they need before they book a stay.

By welcoming guests and their entire family, including pets, into your home, you can help create memories that will last a lifetime. Your guests are sure to appreciate that and will be more likely to leave you positive reviews that can help you attract more guests.

If you list your property on Vrbo, you may want to check out our article about the Vrbo service animal policy to better understand what is expected from you when hosting guests with disabilities who rely on a service dog.

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