Airbnb Interior Design Tips to Style Your Property Like a Pro

airbnb interior design

By The Hospitable Team

No matter what type of property you rent out on Airbnb, its interior design has a much bigger impact on bookings than you might think. Many Airbnb guests prefer to choose a vacation rental property whose design is different from their own home.

That means you have an excellent opportunity to charm potential guests even during the research stage. Small changes in your Airbnb interior design can make a noticeable difference to ensure maximum comfort and beauty and make your vacation rental special.

Of course, most people who run a vacation rental business are not interior designers, so it can be hard to know what you’re supposed to do. That’s why here, we offer you some of the best Airbnb interior design tips and ideas for inspiration to help you create a great and memorable listing.

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Airbnb Styles That Can Make You More Money

The goal of preparing your property for listing on Airbnb is transforming it from a deeply personal home just for you to a place that looks appealing to a diverse audience of travelers. These people are looking for a short let experience that blends the comfort of staying at home with structured hospitality.

Giving your short-term rental property a suitable look and feel through styling and furnishing will go a long way in winning guests. So what are Airbnb styles that guests will pay more for? It’s no surprise that travelers love decorating styles that suggest relaxation and fun, each in its own unique way.

Here is a shortlist of popular interior styles that are appreciated by many travelers and can increase the rental value of your rental:

  • Cottagecore with idyllic country-inspired and eco-friendly elements.
  • Coastal with ocean motifs, sunny seaside blues, and playful objects.
  • Art Deco that adds luxury to a listing with bold geometric patterns, luxurious materials, and fun detailing.
  • Vintage style that evokes a sense of nostalgia and romantic, old-fashioned charm.
  • Minimalist style that is characterized by simplicity, a monochromatic palette, and clean lines.

Airbnb Interior Design Ideas

With listings ranging from the most expensive rentals to quirkier accommodations, Airbnb has become a platform of choice for many savvy travelers. So you might be wondering how exactly you can style your own listing for success.

Whether you’re looking for modern, vintage-inspired, or minimalist design ideas, we recommend you to explore Airbnb listings. You can find many stunning Airbnb interior design ideas that can inspire you to redecorate your home.

For example, you can bring a little of hygge into your home—a cozy lifestyle espoused in Denmark, turn your home into a modern farmhouse, or create an adorable eclectic listing. Remember that success on Airbnb relies on an impeccably styled property that has character.

Still, interior design is just one of the essential steps to creating a memorable stay for your guests. You should make your guests happy by creating a flawless guest experience. That means you should be available to your guest 24/7.

That requires much time and effort and is not always possible. But you can streamline your guest communication with and ensure your guests get personalized answers to their questions as fast as possible.

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Best Airbnb Interior Design Tips

Airbnb design doesn’t have to cost a fortune because there are many affordable ways to create beautiful interiors. You can style your Airbnb rental like a pro to attract more guests if you put these smart styling strategies into action.

vacation rental design - accent wall

If you want to redesign a small room, create a statement wall with a bold color palette. It will add a focal point and give an effect of setting walls back to amplify a sense of space. If you are not brave enough, you may choose a pastel tone to make an impact. Remember that the vibrancy of color will always make your space feel more dynamic and welcoming.

interior design - no sets

Don’t buy furniture sets—this trend has long gone in the interior design world. If you want to take your interior design to the next level and create a listing that arouses interest, opt for furniture items from different brands and sources. They shouldn’t look identical, but it would be better if they had something in common.

airbnb interior - vintage and modern

The good idea is to look for unique second-hand pieces in local vintage stores and mix vintage and new furnishings together. Adding in some vintage furnishings along with some new items makes your vacation rental feel more authentic and high-end.

Airbnb interior - curtains

Decorate windows with heavy stylish curtains. They help create a comfortable and elegant atmosphere for your guests while also adding warmth to your space. This is especially important for the winter months. Besides, blackout curtains work best for a quality night’s sleep.

vacation rental design - hanging pots

Style your rental property with flowers and greenery—they provide a great look for any home. Indoor plants and fresh flowers will liven up your space. And if you’d like to create a trendier look, you can opt for flower hangings that are popular with travelers and make for dreamy pictures that guests want to share.

Be creative with your interior design to give your property a unique and original character and wow your guests. But don’t forget that your Airbnb rental should also be spotless to make your guests happy. You may need to gather a team to ensure proper maintenance and cleaning, and can help you manage your team more efficiently.

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Vacation Rental Design: Make a Great First Impression

When it comes to the world of short-term rentals, competition is fierce, so it’s all about making your Airbnb property stand out from the crowd. Guests are looking for more than just a place to stay—they seek an experience. That’s why your interior design should be up to scratch to attract the most interest.

When done right, eye-catching vacation rental design can inject character into your rental space, enhancing its occupancy rate. As a result, it will make a significant difference to your earning potential on Airbnb. It can help you get the most value of your home or apartment and turn your real estate side hustle into a successful business.

Hopefully, our Airbnb interior design tips will help you turn your property into an amazing short-term rental home, making it picture-perfect, and get more bookings. Just don’t forget about two main principles: providing comfort and making your place feel like a sweet home.

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