Airbnb Host Requirements: Everything You Need to Know

airbnb host requirements

By The Hospitable Team

Renting out your house or apartment on Airbnb when you’re not using it is a great way to make money or even achieve financial freedom. Airbnb hosting is also a rewarding experience because you’ll be able to meet people worldwide.

But before you start your hosting journey and list your property on Airbnb, you need to understand the Airbnb host requirements you must follow. First, you must check specific laws and regulations for short-term rentals in your city. There are also basic requirements that Airbnb hosts are expected to follow on the platform to provide 5-star service for every guest.

If you’re looking for general guidance on starting Airbnb in the USA, here are the top things to consider to ensure your STR property listing complies. We also have a blog post about some of the most important legal requirements for Airbnb hosts in the UK.

Airbnb Host Requirements: General Regulations

Short-term rental regulations differ greatly from state to state and city to city, so you should research what Airbnb regulations apply to short-term rentals in your area. Find out what requirements you must meet as a host to comply with them.

By following the legal requirements for Airbnb hosts, taking the necessary steps to ensure guests’ safety, and investing in the right insurance, you’ll be well-equipped to provide memorable guest experience and set your business for success. It will be easier to control your business if you opt for vacation rental software like Hospitable. Our tool will automate your daily hosting tasks, saving you time and effort.

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Remember that some cities have laws that may restrict your ability to rent your property to guests for short periods. These laws are typically included in a city’s zoning or administrative codes. For example, in Los Angeles, Airbnb hosts can only list their primary residence. Renting out investment properties or second homes on a short-term basis is prohibited.

You can find some preliminary guidance on short-term rental regulations and Airbnb host requirements in different US cities on the Responsible Hosting page in the Airbnb Help Center. You should also look for relevant information on your local government website.

This info can give a good start in understanding your local laws, but if you have any questions, consider contacting your local government agencies directly. You may also consult a local lawyer or tax professional.

In many cities, you must register, apply for a permit, and obtain a license before you list your property on booking websites or accept guests. There is often no difference between renting out a single room in your home and managing multiple properties listed on Airbnb because local governments consider such activity a business.

If you have several properties, you may be required to obtain different licenses or permits for each property before you can list it on Airbnb, even if all your short-term rentals are in the same state.

Some mandatory licenses are a general business license (business tax certificate) required for operating any business and a short-term rental license or permit allowing you to rent out your property for periods of less than 30 days. The STR license usually guarantees that your vacation rental is within zoning limits and complies with certain property health and safety regulations. It also guarantees that all surrounding properties have been notified.

Essential Airbnb Host Requirements You Need to Meet

Being a host is a responsibility because it’s important to create comfortable, reliable stays for guests. While almost anyone can become an Airbnb host, you need to do your best to meet the following Airbnb host requirements for each of your listings:

  • Provide accurate information about the rental space and its features and amenities that will be available at the listing from check-in to checkout.
  • Be responsive, reply to all inquiries and trip requests within 24 hours, and ensure timely communication with guests via messages at all stages of the customer journey.
  • Accept trip requests whenever you’re available to make guests feel welcome.
  • Take cancellations seriously and try to avoid them because they’re a huge inconvenience for guests.
  • Maintain a high overall rating and strive for excellence in every aspect of hosting because guests expect consistent quality, no matter where they book.
  • Clean your Airbnb property between every stay and ensure that the listing meets a high standard of cleanliness.

Remember that vacation rental cleaning involves more tasks and requires more attention to detail than regular home cleaning, so handling it yourself can be challenging, especially in peak season. That’s why it’s always better to outsource this responsibility to professional cleaners. And if you opt for Hospitable, our system will automatically assign tasks to your cleaning crew—you only need to set your rules.

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Airbnb hosts are also strongly encouraged to provide essential amenities in all their places. These are items that guests consider necessary for a comfortable stay. They include toilet paper, towels, quality bedding, hand and body soap, and other essential toiletries.

Want to learn more about the essentials and extras you need to prepare to make your guests feel comfortable and help your listing stand out from the competition? Our rental inventory checklist may be a great place to start to ensure you’ll cover everything to meet the needs of your guests.

Final Thought

Becoming an Airbnb host involves more than just listing your space on this popular OTA platform. You need to understand and follow Airbnb host requirements because it’s crucial for your success. Staying compliant with local STR regulations, maintaining high standards, and offering exceptional guest experience will help ensure your guests have an enjoyable stay, and you’ll benefit from higher booking rates and earn more money.

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