Airbnb Consulting: Do You Need to Hire an Airbnb Pro?

airbnb consulting

By The Hospitable Team

Whether you’re a successful host or a total newbie to Airbnb, everyone in the short-term rental industry sometimes needs help. For example, you may be so busy managing your listings that you may lose sight of what direction to take your business or how to make it more efficient.

Then it can be useful for you to get an external opinion on how to run your Airbnb business, which means you can benefit from Airbnb consulting. Be it improving your pricing strategy, automating the processes, or advice on how to make your listing stand out; these experts can guide you through any of the business challenges.

Airbnb Consulting: How Is It Different from General Consulting?

All business owners are familiar with consulting, and almost everyone has hired a consultant at least once. But the vacation rental business has some specifics, so you need to hire a specialized vacation rental consultant who knows about the unique challenges that short-term rental hosts may face.

For example, if you list your property on multiple platforms, the biggest challenge is keeping your calendars and availability in sync to avoid double bookings. Doing it manually can be very time-consuming. But experts may recommend good vacation rental software like Hospitable, which has the channel manager feature. Hospitable makes it easier to sync your listing calendars on Airbnb,, Vrbo, and other sites and protects you from double-bookings with instant calendar synchronization.

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General consultants focus their expertise on business practices and operations for all industries. Of course, they can provide you with sound advice. But it would be much better if you receive more accurate guidance from a vacation rental specialist. And since all OTAs are created differently, Airbnb hosts may want to consider hiring a pro specializing in this platform.

What Do Airbnb Rental Consultants Do?

Airbnb rental consultants provide consultative solutions to specific challenges that help short-term rental hosts who list their properties on Airbnb. Typically, such consultants specialize in Airbnb hosting, management systems, and marketing for Airbnb rentals.

Most of them are experienced Airbnb entrepreneurs who have earned their right to consult on these specific matters. They can provide proven solutions to new vacation rental owners and give practical advice on different aspects of running Airbnb, for example

An Airbnb Consultant or a Co-hosts: What Kind of Help Is Right for You?

Renting out your property on Airbnb and similar sites is a lot of work each day, such as handling guest communications, taking care of cleaning and routine maintenance, updating your listing, etc. So if you find it challenging to keep up with your vacation rental property on your own, you may hire an Airbnb co-cost to make your job as a host a little easier.

A co-host can help you take care of your Airbnb property and guests. They can carry out a wide range of property management tasks, alleviating stress and giving you back a significant portion of your time.

But if you want to understand why running your Airbnb business takes so much of your time and effort, you can benefit from an expert opinion of an experienced Airbnb consultant. They can help you optimize your processes and make your business more efficient. Then you’ll spend less time on doing routine tasks.

If you have multiple vacation rental properties to take care of and list them on different online platforms, you may want to hire both a co-host and a vacation rental consultant. But, it’s better to get advice from an Airbnb consultant first.

Vacation Rental Consultant: Should You Hire an Airbnb Expert?

The main job of Airbnb consulting services is to help hosts succeed and ensure that all business processes run smoothly. So if you are considering improving your Airbnb rental performance, hiring an Airbnb professional can be a good idea. Adding some expertise to your team can help you become more professional and more efficient as a host and empower you to provide an excellent experience to your guests.

Airbnb consultants wear many hats and can use their knowledge and experience to transform your home into a profitable short-term rental business. They can look at your Airbnb from a new perspective, bringing in an experienced outsider’s evaluation and point of view, and notice things that you may never thought of.

Do you want to understand how to best manage your listing? Or maybe you need advice on developing a strategy to maximize your occupancy and daily rates? Whatever needs your short-term rental faces, Airbnb consultants can provide you with sound advice.

The vacation rental industry is filled with hundreds of tools that can make running your business more profitable and less time-consuming. But finding the right solutions for your business can take weeks or even months of costly trial and error. Experts in Airbnb consulting can provide you with technology recommendations and guide you in implementing new tools that can save you time on routine tasks and make your business more efficient.

Are you thinking that managing your Airbnb takes a lot of time and looking for technology solutions that can help you work smarter, not harder? Many Airbnb experts recommend automating your short-term rental management with software like Hospitable, which offers a comprehensive set of features. With Hospitable, you’ll be able to automate most of your daily tasks and operations and save a lot of time.

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Airbnb Consultants You Can Trust

Many highly-qualified consultants are offering services in this niche. They can help you solve specific challenges of running your Airbnb and take your business to the next level. Whether you need support with business development, performance optimization, marketing, or technology, you can count on these seasoned experts with many years of experience in the short-term rental industry.

Jasper Ribbers is an entrepreneur, Airbnb expert, and a co-author of the Amazon best-selling book on Airbnb hosting. Jasper leads Get Paid For Your Pad, helping people start an Airbnb business, and hosts the top podcast in the short-term rental space.

Simon Lehman is the founder & CEO of AJL Atelier, a specialized vacation rental and business consultancy with a global reach. The company focuses on helping clients with developing a go-to-market strategy, revenue management, and performance optimization.

Mark Simpson is a vacation rental consultant, marketing and website design specialist, and CEO of Boostly. It’s a coaching platform that helps short-term rental hosts increase their revenue by getting more direct bookings.

Jordan Locke is the founder and principal consultant at RevPARTY Consulting. It’s a consulting firm that uses a data-driven approach to help short-term rental owners with revenue management, financial forecasting, listing optimization, and marketing.

Danny Rusteen is one of the well-known vacation rental consultants and an expert behind, a consulting company that helps hosts with Airbnb listing optimization. Danny has worked for Airbnb for ages, owns a property management company, and is an Airbnb Superhost himself.

Tony J. Robinson is a short-term rental and Airbnb expert. He is the co-founder of Alpha Geek Capital, a company that focuses on helping investors interested in purchasing short-term rental properties.

Final Thought

The short-term rental industry is highly competitive, so if you lack experience as a host but are determined to make your Airbnb business work, you can’t be shy about asking for help. Consider hiring an Airbnb consultant. This way, you’ll be able to avoid making the expensive “beginner” mistakes and set yourself up for success.

And if you’re struggling with specific issues, qualified professionals with vast experience in the industry can help you overcome your most pressing challenges. They can offer you unbiased actionable advice based on what the best Airbnb property managers are doing, helping you adapt these tactics to make the most out of your short-term rental. Hiring an Airbnb consulting service can also be a good solution for you if you need expert advice on improving your operations using tools for Airbnb hosts.

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