Airbnb Check-out Instructions for a Clear and Simple Check-out

airbnb check out instructions

By The Team

Nov’23 Update

Airbnb check-out instructions are all about keeping your guests informed about things they need to do before leaving your rental property. Some hosts ask guests to lock the door and enjoy their journey home. But others leave detailed instructions for tidying up.

There are no strict rules about what to include in your instructions. But whatever your hosting style, you should make sure you communicate your expectations for guest check-out and be specific. It’s vital for ending their stay on a positive note.

If you are not sure what to include in your Airbnb check-out instructions, you’ll find some useful tips in this article. Follow them to ensure a stress-free check-out.

If you are new to hosting on Airbnb, you may also want to explore our Airbnb host checklist.

Recommended Airbnb Check-out Time

There are no set standard check-in or check-out times. Airbnb hosts can decide their own check-out time and specify it in the listing description. You are free to choose the time that works best for you because, after all, it’s your rental property.

But you should keep in mind that guests are traveling around the clock 24/7, so it’s important to ensure that your check-in and check-out times are reasonable and flexible. That’s paramount to a great guest experience, so many Airbnb hosts offer their guests a self-check-in process.

Being flexible with your Airbnb check-out time by even up to 3 hours, either way, could mean the difference between the guest making a reservation with you or not. But no matter what, communication is key, and if you feel uncomfortable with a guest request at any point, you have full discretion to decline it.

You should set a check-out time that provides maximum flexibility and convenience to your guest but with minimal inconvenience and impact to you.

Pro-tip: You can automate responding to late check-out requests based on calendar availability. The same applies to early check-in requests.

You need time to clean up your place before your next guest arrives (you may need to use our cleaning checklist to keep your property guest-ready). But if your previous guest isn’t checking out on time, you won’t have enough time to do everything you need to do.

Still, there are recommended check-in and check-out times. If no check-out time was specified on your Airbnb listing, then the default check-out is 11:00 am (local time).

Check-out Communication Tips

With Airbnb 2023 Summer Release, hosts can add check-out instructions to their listings directly on Airbnb just like they enter standard house rules. You can quickly create your check-out instructions by picking from a pre-set list of common tasks:

  • Gather used towels
  • Throw trash away
  • Turn things off
  • Lock up
  • Return keys

You can also add details for each task in your list and write additional requests specific to your home.

Guests can access check-out instructions directly on their Airbnb Trips tab, and they can read them before they book your place and avoid surprises.

But even if you’ve provided detailed check-out instructions on your listing and/or in your house manual, it’s a good idea to communicate the must-dos at least the day before. This way, they will have enough time to read your Airbnb check-out message and follow your instructions.

When people are on vacation, they are typically busy enjoying their stay and don’t keep track of time. They may not think to look at check-out details in the description of your listing or the house rules until the morning of their departure.

If guests download an Airbnb app on their mobile phone and enable push notifications, Airbnb will send them an automatic reminder with your check-out time and instructions. This reminder is automatically sent the day before guests leave.

But you can also send your guests an automated reminder directly to their Airbnb inbox, in case they haven’t downloaded the app or haven’t turned on push notifications.

If you send them a reminder the day before and be clear about the check-out time, your guests are more likely to follow the instructions and be out of the door in time. Just try to sound as friendly and hospitable as you can.

Check-out messages automated!

Actually, you may automate 90% of your communication with guests—hundreds of scheduling triggers. We’ll even detect questions!

Airbnb Check-out Instructions Template

We’ve created a few options of graphical check-out instruction templates that you can download to your device and attach to messages with guests.

Smart locks facilitate the check-in and check-out experience and help you forget about the lost-keys-situation for good. If you still don’t use smart locks, it’s probably time to start.

Airbnb check-out instructions template v2

Airbnb Check-out List: What to Include?

Here’s everything you may need to include in your check-out instructions:

  • Be clear about your check-out time. A late check-out can interfere with your next reservation, especially if you have back-to-back bookings.
  • Tell your guests where to put the used towels and kitchen rags before leaving.
  • Remind them to put their dishes in the dishwasher if applicable. Ask your guests to put all disposable utensils in the garbage.
  • Also, remind them to turn off the lights, thermostat, and AC to avoid unnecessary energy costs.
  • Remind your guests to shut all the windows.
  • Tell guests how to lock your home or apartment and let them know where to leave the key.

Pro-tip: You may automatically upsell late check-out to your guest if you have an orphan night.

It’s important to remember that travelers expect an easy check-out without any cleaning tasks. If you charge a cleaning fee, don’t demand too much from your guests. You may want to avoid such demands as putting all dishes in the dishwasher, taking out the trash, and more. In that case, you should keep your Airbnb check-out list of instructions minimal. And you should never give your guests a giant checklist of cleaning tasks at the end of their stay if you didn’t include them in the check-out instructions on your listing’s page.

Remember that guests can provide feedback about their check-out when they give a star rating to their host’s communication and explain what went well or could have gone better. For example, guests might report excessive check-out requirements. And if a listing repeatedly receives negative feedback because of unreasonable and unexpected tasks, it can even be removed from Airbnb.

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Final Word

Different hosts have different requirements when it comes to Airbnb check-out instructions. Just communicate your expectations about the check-out time and any instructions on your listing’s page and in your message the day before guests leave. You should also emphasize the importance of checking out on time by explaining why.

Don’t make your list of instructions too long—include only reasonable tasks. And don’t forget to ask your guests to send you a message after they’ve checked out so you can notify your cleaning team and prepare for your next guests.

Airbnb self-check-in

Airbnb Self-Check-In: No More Waiting for Your Guests’ Arrival

Providing your Airbnb guests with a great experience from start to finish is essential, so first of all, you should ensure a smooth check-in process. The best solution is to offer them self-check-in when guests can access your property using a key lockbox, smart lock, or keypad. Let’s see how to set up the self-check-in process.


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