Airbnb Check-in Instructions: Tips on How to Delight Your Guests

Airbnb check-in instructions

By The Hospitable Team

Your guests’ check-in sets the tone for their entire stay. If this process is stress-free and smooth, it can help lead to positive reviews. You should make sure all your guests can easily find and get into your rental space and feel welcome.

Whether you offer a self-check-in for your guests or prefer to greet them in person and introduce them to your space, it’s essential to communicate check-in details before they arrive. That means you need to provide your guests with clear Airbnb check-in instructions.

Find out how to create check-in instructions for your short-term rental and make the check-in process smooth for you and your guests.

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Airbnb Check-in Guide: How to Add Check-in Instructions to Your Listing

Creating Airbnb check-in instructions is actually a key part of creating a seamless guest experience right from the start. The platform makes this process simpler for hosts with Airbnb check-in guide feature.

You can add step-by-step check-in instructions using the Airbnb mobile app on iOS or Android. The platform will automatically share your instructions with confirmed guests three days before they arrive at your home. Your guests will be able to access this Info on the Airbnb app during their trip, even without a data plan on their smartphone.

You can set check-in instructions if you go to the Listings section of your account. First, you need to select the entry method you offer guests. The available options include:

  • Smart lock that guests open with a mobile app or keypad;
  • Keypad—guests can open the door with a code;
  • Lockboxthe key is stored in a small safe, and guests can open it with a code;
  • Building staffsomeone is available 24 hours a day to let guests in;
  • Host greets youa host or co-host will meet guests to exchange the key;
  • Otherguests can use a different method not listed above.

Then, you can add photos from your smartphone library and describe them to help guests locate your place and get inside. You can also set check-in start and end times for your listing by clicking Manage listing and then Booking settings at the top of the page.

What else can you do to give your guests a seamless arrival? Airbnb recommends filling in all the fields under the Info for guests section of your Listings tab:

  • Directions to your space;
  • Check-in instructions (you can include a standard lockbox code here);
  • WiFi info (because it’s often the first thing guests look for).

This information will be shared with your guest 48 hours before arrival. If you use self-check-in and customize your codes for each guest, you can send the code separately in a message. By adding this Info, you can answer some of the most commonly asked questions and ensure that every guest will receive important details before the trip.

Still, you should be ready that your guests may have many questions, and you should make yourself available to answer any questions as fast as you can. Effective communication is critical if you want travelers to feel welcome, and tools like will help you respond to guests quickly and ensure they get personalized responses.

Have conversations with your guests even when you sleep.

We will detect questions and answer on your behalf; send fully custom messages triggered by events, and much more!

Airbnb Check-in Message with Detailed Instructions

To help provide a smooth experience, you can still send guests a personalized Airbnb check-in message with detailed instructions or important Info about the space before they arrive.

This message will help you briefly notify your guests that you are ready for their arrival. It’s also a great way to encourage travelers to let you know of any possible issues at the beginning of their stay. Then you’ll be able to address any problems that you might be unaware of and increase your chances of receiving a 5-star review.

Airbnb Check-in Instructions Sample

If you are a new Airbnb host, you may not know what details you should include when creating your check-in instructions. You can get a better idea of what information you should communicate if you take a look at a good Airbnb check-in instructions sample.

Although each host and property manager has a different approach, here are some details you should definitely include in your check-in instructions message:

  • Check-in time;
  • Directions to the property;
  • Parking instructions;
  • Steps that guests need to take to gain access to your property;
  • WiFi details (network name and password);
  • Your contact information (email and a direct phone number that your guests can text).

Setting Airbnb Check-in Instructions Template

Creating a new message with check-in instructions for each guest can be time-consuming. But you can avoid communicating the same instructions over and over again if you create a message template. You can customize your Airbnb check-in instructions template and send it to every guest who books with you.

Here is an example that you can use as a starting point for creating yours. Just adjust it as necessary.

Hi %guest_first_name%,

Thank you for booking your stay with us. You are probably getting excited about your trip, and we’re looking forward to hosting you. Please remember that check-in is at %check_in_hour%, so feel free to arrive any time from then.

Here are some basic details you’ll need for checking in:

Property name: %listing_name%

Address: %listing_full_address%

Smartlock code: %smartlock_code%

Wi-Fi network: %wifi_name% Wi-Fi pass: %wifi_password%

Please check out this link to access the check-in guide. Read the instructions and let us know if you have any problems. We’ll do our best to help.



Wondering what those percentage signs are for? These are shortcodes we use at to automate communication with guests. It’s instrumental when you manage multiple listings and work with several channels. You can completely automate your self-check-in process. With our tool, you’ll be able to send messages at preset times and keep your guests informed at every stage of their booking. Moreover, will help you automate most of your other routine tasks and set your short-term rental business on autopilot.

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Final Thought

By providing your guests with detailed Airbnb check-in instructions, you’ll ensure they will be able to easily find and get into your rental property. Your guests will have a pleasant experience when they discover your space for the first time, which will positively impact your review.

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