Airbnb Breakfast Ideas to Impress Your Guests

airbnb breakfast ideas

By The Hospitable Team

Offering your Airbnb guests breakfast is a great way to make them feel welcome and enhance their stays. Although the platform doesn’t require you to do it, people love when hosts go the extra mile to provide better service.

If you are wondering whether you should serve breakfast to your guests and what food you should provide, here you’ll find some Airbnb breakfast ideas. 

Do You Need to Serve Breakfast?

It’s up to you to decide whether serving breakfast is the right option for your Airbnb business, and there are many things to consider. For example, do your guests expect breakfast? What foods will you provide? How much will it cost?

If you target guests traveling for leisure, they most likely won’t care much about eating at your place. They would want to check out all of that your area has to offer, including the local restaurants. But if your rental property attracts many business travelers, they’ll appreciate having breakfast at your place as a time-saving and convenient benefit.

Besides, adding breakfast details to your amenities and listing description can give you a competitive advantage. It will help show off your hosting style and improve the guest experience, helping them feel at home. It will also make your rental property stand out in search and help attract more bookings.

But you should clearly state in your listing what you mean by “breakfast” if you have checked this box in “Amenities.” Or you may end up with a disappointed guest who expected croissants, cheese, eggs, and toast and then found out that your definition of breakfast was only instant oatmeal topped with fruits. You should share details and tell your guests what’s on your menu to avoid bad reviews.

Effective communication with guests is crucial for operating a short-term rental business. It involves a lot of work, especially if you list your property on multiple OTA platforms. But smart hosts use short-term rental software like to automate personalized conversations with guests and provide them with fast answers to all their questions.

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Airbnb Breakfast Ideas

You will have guests from different places, and they will expect different breakfasts. There are several solutions to this issue. First, you can offer the staple continental breakfast that is a firm classic. You can include items such as bread, jam, milk, and cereals (perhaps two or three choices) with some fruits.

airbnb breakfast

Then the good idea is to stock the kitchen with non-perishable breakfast staples, including coffee, tea, hot chocolate, fruit juice, instant oatmeal, cold cereal, and biscuits. Allow your guests to grab a few items as they please. You should also keep some perishable breakfast items, such as an assortment of yogurts, muffins or donuts, eggs, and fresh fruit like apples, bananas, and oranges.

Another option is to ask your guests about their preferences directly. But if these foods aren’t typical for your region, you should go with what you think your guests might eat. You can offer your guests commonly eaten foods in your area to impress your guests with some culture. Local foods can be a good option if your place is popular among tourists searching for an authentic cultural experience.

In addition to basic breakfast items, your guests will appreciate the little snacks you may leave for them. They cost very little and will delight your guests. You can offer nuts, microwave popcorn bags, cakes, individually wrapped cookies, blocks of chocolate, and granola bars.

If you are renting out a private room in your home and have enough time, you can go one step further and offer to cook breakfast for your guests. But if you want to prepare homemade food for your guests, you should consult your local foodservice and safety rules. You also need to make sure that you are aware of any food allergies your guests might have.

Cooking a fresh breakfast doesn’t work for every host—it somehow depends on where you’re located. If your rental is in a popular destination and you have lots of guests from around the world, it’s a good situation to charge them for freshly prepared meals. When guests don’t know the area and don’t speak the language, they will be happy to pay for the meal prepared by you. That just simplifies things for them.

Whatever you offer to your guests shouldn’t require too much time and effort to prepare. So keep it simple and try to offer food that appeals to most people. You should also always make sure that the food you are serving looks fresh and is tasty and filling.

It’s also important to take measures to save food from waste. So it’s better to ask your guests in advance if they will be enjoying breakfast at home. Remember that will help you easily connect with your guests even if you manage multiple listings. It will also allow you to automate most of your routine tasks and focus on growing your business.

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Final Thought

By adding breakfast details, Airbnb hosts have an opportunity to stand out to potential guests and foster personal connections. We hope that our Airbnb breakfast ideas will help you provide a better service to your guests, making them happy. Happy guests are more likely to leave 5-star reviews that are crucial to boosting your SEO ranking and have a big impact on booking decisions of your guests.

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