Airbnb Ambassador Program: Questions Answered

airbnb ambassador

By The Hospitable Team

Airbnb Ambassadors are Superhosts who help property owners worldwide discover the benefits of hosting. When they bring a new host to Airbnb, they earn a referral fee. An Airbnb Ambassador also has to provide one-on-one mentoring and tools to help new hosts succeed in building their short-term rental business.

Love being a host and want to promote Airbnb to others? In this post, you’ll find all the necessary information about how to qualify and become an Airbnb Ambassador.

How Does Airbnb Ambassador Program Works?

The Airbnb Ambassador Program is more than a traditional referral program that is open to everyone and where a host can casually get some side money by sharing a link online. It is designed to reward hosts with consistent referrals.

Airbnb treats ambassadors as independent entrepreneurs who have to search for new hosts online and offline. Ambassadors also have to provide onboarding and training to their mentees until they get their first booking.

For example, they can edit a new host’s listing, help to create a title that attracts more bookings, and review their photos before it goes live. Or they can help choose the right pricing to capture the first bookings.

Ambassadors get better rewards and access to new tools and ongoing support from the Airbnb team. And the best Ambassadors try to create a mentor/mentee relationship with the hosts they attract and refer.

How to Become an Ambassador

According to the information provided on the Airbnb website, to be eligible for the program, you must be a Superhost, and your account must be in good standing. If you want to apply to become an Ambassador, you need to visit the Ambassador Program webpage.

You have to agree to the program rules and tell them why you’d be an excellent fit for the program. You’ll receive an email with the decision about your application a few days after submitting it.

If you are approved, you can start referring new hosts, follow their progress, and send encouraging messages along the way to support and educate them about hosting on the platform.

And when the person you refer completes their first reservation, you’ll get paid. The reward will be higher than what you would get outside the program.

Keep in mind that the reservation must have a total value that exceeds 100 USD or the local equivalent (before taxes and fees). The reservation must also be completed no later than 150 days after you referred the new host.

The amount of money you earn from referring and mentoring new hosts depends on several factors, including the type of the listing and its location. As a result, you may receive a different payout for each qualifying referral or each Host you help through the Ask a Superhost program.

What Are the Requirements for Maintaining Your Ambassador Status

Every three months, Airbnb checks to make sure that Ambassadors continue to meet the following criteria:

  • They’ve maintained Superhost status
  • Their accounts remain in good standing
  • They’ve completed at least one referral during the previous three months.

Ambassadors who don’t meet the above-mentioned quarterly criteria can reapply to participate in the program later.

What Does Airbnb Ambassador Do?

Ambassadors can interact with new hosts using two ways. They can refer new hosts to Airbnb and help answer their questions as they create a listing. They can also connect with new hosts through the Ask a Superhost program.

How to Refer a New Host to Airbnb

You can refer potential hosts if you go to your Ambassador dashboard, copy your unique referral link, and share it through emails, messages, social media, etc. If potential hosts use your referral link, they will land on a customized page with your name and profile photo, where they can create a new listing for their property.

But you should remember that you’ll receive an award for the referral only if the new host you refer follows your unique invitation link and creates an Airbnb listing in the same session.

You can refer anyone new to hosting on the Airbnb platform even if they have an Airbnb traveler account. The only requirement is that they’ll have to host an entire place (a house or an apartment) for you to get an award, and private or shared-room hosts aren’t eligible.

How to Participate in Ask a Superhost Program

As an Ambassador, you may connect with new hosts through the Ask a Superhost program, share your knowledge and experience, and earn awards along the way. Once the first booking of a new host is complete, you’re done.

You can guide new hosts through the process of setting up their own Airbnb listing and give advice about things like cleaning, taking the right photos, creating a house manual, etc. You can also tell them about the benefits of using short-term rental software like that helps put a vacation rental business on autopilot.

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Ambassadors have access to their referral dashboard to keep track of their new host connections and watch their progress on their journey. Airbnb has a library of tips, suggestions, workshops, and other resources that help Ambassadors answer new hosts’ questions that might come up.

Final Thought

Airbnb Ambassadors are non-exclusive independent contractors of Airbnb, and their income is all based on independent referrals and commissions. They are entrepreneurs who are empowered to earn on their schedule. Since Airbnb Ambassadors invest in the community, they get a higher reward for host referrals.

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