Hospitable Wrap-Up: Enjoy the BIG Yearly Overview

wrap up 2022

2022 was one for the record books. Looking back at the twists and turns along our way, we couldn’t leave you without a Hospitable wrap-up – the overview of this year’s moments of joy! 

Our Motivation 

Back in 2016, our founder and CEO, Pierre-Camille Hamana, wanted to save time on managing a short-term rental – simply a spare bedroom – and his idea of a tool that made short-term rental management as easy as long-term quickly grew into what you all know as Hospitable.com

We always focus on the smart use of technology to make hosting a reality for more and more people. Giving hosts their time back was and will always be our main driver, as we believe that with our tools and guidance, hosting short-term rentals should be easy for all.

Let’s take a quick look at how we did this in 2022!

Sales and Investments

We added 20 new team members in 2022 and, now, head into 2023 with 33 wonderful individuals on our team. Adding new departments and boosting the existing engineering and support teams yielded outstanding results, as we doubled our user base. 

More than 9,000 hosts manage a total of around 300,000 properties with the help of our tools. In 2022, our sales team conducted over 1250 meetings to help 5,712 new hosts (70,000 properties) join the Hospitable community. 

Now let’s talk about investments in Hospitable. One thing we’re celebrating here is that we were able to increase our Monthly revenue by 90% this year to $400,000.

This helped us secure $708,285.90 in additional investments in 2022 from our community. Our Rolling Safe is now close to $883,000, including the $100,000 from the AngelList Quant Fund

You can become a Hospitable investor now at invest.hospitable.com!

Product Developments

Smart locks got a lot of our attention this year. We kicked off 2022 with our first integration – Schlage locks – and we followed with RemoteLock shortly after. Now, we finally took the training wheels off our August Home and Yale Access integrations and these are now available to all of our hosts! 2,000 Hospitable hosts are saving time today by connecting their smart locks to our system.

Hospitable’s SmartThings integration is available today for our Beta users. A huge shout out to all of our smart lock beta testers for their feedback and support in 2022.

We’ve also introduced Inbox Live. Hospitable inbox now updates automatically as you receive messages from your guests – your conversations are always up-to-date. We made sure any new messages reach you even on the go. From now on, you’ll feel the buzz in your pocket if you’re away from the site or the Hospitable mobile app.

Check out our Change Log for regular updates fixes and new releases. You can also stay up to date by reading our Product Updates newsletter – we’ll send the hottest updates right to your inbox.

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We also know you can’t wait to try out our new Direct booking websites. After releasing three new direct booking site templates to our beta customers, we are already putting the final touches on another seven. Most importantly, we are already testing the payment processing with our beta users. 

We are launching our full Direct solution in early 2023, so keep an eye out for that in the near future.

Even more projects will come to life in 2023. We plan on building a smart system of recommendations that will help with business optimization. And, of course, we’re already working on more integrations and partnerships to enhance our users’ experience within Hospitable as a single platform. 

Marketing and Support

In 2022, we published 108 blogs, covering case studies, hosting tips and insides for you. We hosted, released and shared with you 10 Hospitable Masterclasses and Hosts Workshops full of useful information to help you grow your business and save time on managing your STR. produced more than 20 tutorials and how-to videos on the Hospitable YouTube channel.

The first season Hospitable Podcast series, interviewing top industry experts and long-time Hospitable friends, also accompanied short-term rental hosts on their 2022 journey, providing exclusive industry overviews. 

Eager to meet with our product users, we hosted 24 Hospitable Bi-weekly Townhalls, where we updated you on the latest developments internally and answered your burning questions. And over 100,000 responses were sent by our support team as they handled 33,000 unique conversations with our customers this year! 

These efforts helped us maintain a high level of customer satisfaction (CSAT) at more than 80% and an NPS score of 62.

In 2023, we’ll boost our emphasis on users’ education about getting started and running STRs successfully from the first day with Hospitable.com.  

FUN 😀 

The team was able to meet in person for the first time since the pandemic. Not only did we get to enjoy each other’s presence, but we also mapped out our plans for Hospitable’s future and we know you’ll love it. 

We invited our North American team to the Vacation Rental Management Association (VRMA) Conference in Las Vegas. We rocked the first night with the ultimate party of hosts, investors and short-term rental service providers at our Hospitable.com VIP event. As the cocktail took place at the Museum of Selfies in Las Vegas, we obviously couldn’t get enough selfies!

retreats collage

The European and APAC teams got together in Amsterdam to wrap up the plans for 2023. We proved, once again, that our team members all share an open-minded, curious and optimistic culture, whether it’s about roller-skating disco-style, shaping more AI-driven features in our product or spontaneously organizing ourselves for an escape room (in record time!).

Happy Holidays! 

2022 was an eventful year for Hospitable. Overall we were able to help hosts all around the world build and improve their vacation rental business and make our team even stronger in the process.

Thank you all for making 2022 a great year and for being part of the growing Hospitable family! 

2023, we’re ready for you. 

hospitable.com in 2021

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